Few reasons why we choose the Zend framework.

 There are few reasons why we choose the Zend framework. 

  1. Zend Framework is supported and developed by Zend Technologies which is a key contributors to PHP and provide important leadership for PHP.
  2. Zend plays a central role in the explosive growth of PHP is at the heart of PHP technology.
  3. The pace of releases is high and ensures that your tools are up to date.
  4. The unit tests are top quality
  5. The librairies are well-stocked
  6. You have a great deal of development freedom thanks to the flexibility of its components.
  7. Allows you to develop full-stack on top of Zend with the specific needs of a CMS
  8. Zend is also used by some of the biggest IT players such as IBM, FOX, Dassault Systemes
  9. Lastly, it is supported by a solid company that ensures that it has a long life.
  10. Plenty of available resources and most likely the biggest support community.

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