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Change Log of - 2.10.1

We are proud to announce that the latest version of  2.10.1 is now available.

What's New ? 

New Features

  • Mobile Device friendly responsive template.
  • Introduced Feature of CSV Export / Import listing.
  • Change of Car Hire module and improved. 
  • Added feature for B2B module with great nevigation and massaging. 
  • Responsive CSS and JS framework (Bootstrap Based).

What's Changes ? 


  • Major improvement and re-design of both Font-end and Back-end templates.
  • Responsive  Templates Designed For Mobile.
  • Update font-end Front-end templates hierarchy.
  • Added modules based preference system


  • Fixed 15 issues with Javascript for IE / iPad
  • Fixed 07 known issues at previous version
  • Fixed CSS incompatibilities issues nn various internet devices.
  • Improvement of back-end Graphical user interface for easy and faster navigation.


  •  Ioncube loader 4.4.x (or higher) and Php 5.2.3 (or higher) is required to run this application under your host server. 

How to Upgrade  ?

  • The new product is now available under your client area to download. Before running upgrade, please visit to make sure you follow the mentioned steps carefully.