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Change Log of 2.10.30

We are proud to announce that the latest version of  2.10.30 is now available for download.

What's New ? 

New Features

  • Adding new API of HotelsPro.
  • Adding new API of Stripe Payment Gateway.
  • Adding New Hotel API called 
  • Adding new reports showing agents booking history and invoice differently through admin panel and members area.. 

What's Changes ? 


  • Update Expedia API version.
  • Update of Zend Framework Version.
  • Update of JQuery Version.


  • Update Expedia Hotel API version
  • Update WeGo Hotel API version
  • Fixed CSS incompatibilities issues nn various internet devices.
  • Few known Bugs and improvements.


  •  Ioncube loader 4.4.x (or higher) and Php 5.2.3 (or higher) is required to run this application under your host server. 

How to Upgrade  ?

  • The new product is now available under your client area to download. Before running upgrade, please visit to make sure you follow the mentioned steps carefully.