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Introduction of Dynamic Form followed by short outline.

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Last updated: 07 Oct, 2011
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The application has in built powerful custom web form building system, which allows your site administrators to create dynamic web forms on the fly, from simple to extremely complex. You can quickly create forms for order collection, event registration, lead generation, surveys, feedback, contests, and more. Great for small businesses, non-profits, web designers, or virtually any organization using this module. 

Application's web form creator provides organizations with an easy-to-use HTML form builder that allows user's forms to be integrated with their websites without any programming, software, or special skills.

Dynamic Web Form Builder

  • Dynamic form builder allows you to build forms and collect data of any kind from:
  • Easily manage collected data and export to Microsoft Excel or Word. Ideal for a handful of submissions, or hundreds of thousands of entries.
  • Quickly create powerful online forms without any programming or software to install. Completely web-based drag and drop interface.
  • Integrate forms with your website to match your company's look and feel. Just copy and paste a form into your web page.
  • Event Submission Forms
  • Sign up, Surveys , Polls , Event Submission Forms and many more as you need
  • or any other form you can imagine... it's all easy point and click!

The data from your custom web forms can be emailed to any number of users you defined, and can also be saved in your site database. You can then create custom reports based the data you collect.

Contact Forms:

A good contact form is the first step in building relationships with visitors to your website. Quickly build a web form and integrate it with your site. You can even send the data you collect to your favorite CRM system with our third-party integrations. 

Online Surveys:

Online surveys allow you to receive valuable feedback from your customers. From simple polls to complex, multipart questionnaires create any online survey with our easy to use HTML form builder. Use features like smart routing and conditional logic to customize your online surveys and minimize abandon rates. 

Event Registrations:

Whether managing a small company meeting or a large conference, The HTML form builder allows you to create event registration forms that suit your needs with the web form creator. Collect and process payments, share data with others, and manage all submissions in a secure online database. 

Order Forms :

Use the web form creator to collect payments without expensive and complicated eCommerce solutions. We've already done the work of integrating with the leading online payment merchants, adhering to the strictest security standards, allowing you to choose which option best suits your needs. 

Other Uses:

With this application, the ability to create basic web forms is just the beginning. Our powerful, customized tools equip you to quickly create almost any type of HTML form imaginable. Below are just a few examples of how our customers are leveraging the power.


  • Payment Form
  • Paypal Website Payments Standard Integration
  • Online Registration
  • Business Expense Form
  • Lead Generation Forms
  • Online Invoice Forms
  • Reimbursement Forms
  • Job Applications
  • Employee Evaluations
  • PTO/Vacation Requests
  • Contests/Promotions
  • Newsletter Sign ups
  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Nonprofit Donation Forms
  • Donor Feedback forms
  • Fundraising Forms
  • Workshop Evaluation Forms
  • Teacher Evaluations
  • Class Registrations
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