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Joining contents with a Menu to create navigation link.

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Last updated: 20 Aug, 2011
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Click Write new article at Admin => Content => Create new article and add content as Name,  Title, Slug (will be filled automatic in order Main title), Description and Content.

After successfully creation of a new article, you probably be inclined to join this article with an existing menu for easy navigation. So why do you go to Admin => Content => Link page with Menu  like on an existing article to create link on a menu.  

Now, click on "Link to menu" to indicate which article or extension will be joined or linked with "menu" in page body / content area.   See the image as follows :

According to the image shown above let us explain field by field for your better understanding

Menu Name : -  Type a name of Menu how you want to see it on Menu Bar.

Menu Title :- According to the image shown above, the text you write at "Menu Title" creates a link therefore you may use it to create SEO friendly link. It is impotent to note that, as it creates links "Menu Title" MUST BE unique. In case you add duplicate "Menu Title" throughout the website the application will automatically append an ID to make it unique.

Menu Target :- The target attribute specifies where to open the linked document: See the table below :

Attribute Values

Value Description
_blank Open the linked document in a new window or tab
_self Open the linked document in the same frame as it was clicked (this is default)
_parent Open the linked document in the parent frameset
_top Open the linked document in the full body of the window
framename Open the linked document in a named frame

Menu Location: :- Select under which Menu location the new menu will be set in. Generally menu location indicates the Menu Bar widget location e.g. Top top horizontal menu or Left / right vertical menu bar etc.   See the picture below how menu location is shown

Upon selection a menu location, a menu explore tree will appear on left asking to to indication it's parent.  Click on a menu or sub-menu from the left tree to consider as a parent of upcoming menu (which you are going to create) or select root to make upcoming menu as another main menu. For better idea, please see the image below :

Content layout area :- Click to specify a layout of an extension will bet set in your content body area of page (which is going to be linked with the upcoming menu). It is an impotent indication to establish bridge between a menu with an articles or extension of a web page. The main purpose is to specify which module, extension , plugin or articles to be plunged into page's body area. See the image below :

Required Setting => Select Content / Extension to add :-    Find the "Required Setting" tab on the right and indicate which content (articles, modules, block of an extension or extension ) you want to added with the upcoming menu. Upon selection click on "Submit Menu" to join a menu with a content.

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