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Creating a Menu with Static external link by copying another link.

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Last updated: 14 Sep, 2011
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Basically, you are going to link your page's content or custom menu to a hyperlink which you already have in admin panel. In fact both links will point to same hyperlink but sometime you may find duplicate link very handy while you are designing a user friendly website for better visibility.

In order to that, Log on to ADMIN => MENU => "View / Manage Menus"  and find the page show below : 

Copy your desired hyperlink of the a menu which you already created as shown above. Now,  Go to  ADMIN => MENU => "Manage Menu" => Create New Menu  to create new menu shown below :

Content layout area :- Click to specify a layout of an extension will bet set in your content body area of page (which is going to be linked with the upcoming menu). It is an impotent indication to establish bridge between a menu with an articles or extension of a web page. The main purpose is to specify which module, extension , plugin or articles to be plunged into page's body area.

Click on "Select" to open new pops up window that helps indicating the content section. Choose "External URL" and set it. Now according to above image, type new hyperlink at right hand side "Required Setting = > External Link" which was copied from "IMAGE 1" and save it. 

Done ! you have created a new menu with an  static external link by copying another link. Visit font end to find the new menu   that you positioned "Menu Location" hierarchy from left.

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