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Add, edit and delete Comments.

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Last updated: 29 Aug, 2011
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This section holds all the comments that the users have made on the articles, News articles and other modules, at the client interface.

The client comments will not be visible in the comments section under the article the comments are made, at the client support interface, until a  user / admin who has the access to moderate the comments, approves them from the control panel.

In order to manage user posted comments tailing to every modules, log on to ADMIN => MODULES => COMMENT MANAGER and click on it. You will be appearing to comment management modules to manage user's posted comments if enabled.

  1. Comment List
  2. Add New Comment
  3. Comment Settings

Comment List

You can see the list of commend posted by the visitor and this comment will be saved under the comments section in the admin control panel, as shown below.

Add New Comment

In order to add comment manually from your control please , please see below

Comment Settings

Comment setting allows you to join, remove “comment option” from certain modules. For example, you want to add comment option on Product Gallery page and remove comment option from generate pages, this option helps you doing so. Enabled “Comment Module” to show comment under the selected module and disable it if needed.

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