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Change Log of - 2.8.5

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Last updated: 25 Oct, 2012
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We are proud to announce that the latest version of  2.8.5 is now available. We have added some billing and invoicing features and improved existing ones.

New modules and features

New Features

  • IP based access restriction for better security control.
  • Introducing auto renaming feature to avoid duplication and overwritten file(s).
  • Abilities to add CAPTCHA to all forms and log-in area.
  • Adding support for Expedia hotel affiliates API for EAN network.
  • Day wise room pricing control and better invoicing control.
  • Automatic upgrades / downgrade feature.


  • Enhanced protection of Remote file inclusion vulnerability.
  • Abilities to block / Allow IP to login.
  • Added CAPTCHA to all forms & log-in area.
  • Securing and hardening Session and temp directory for vulnerabilities.
  • Introducing user friendly interface at back-end and previewing.
  • Auto-renaming of Files for better security.


  • Fixed 03 issues with Javascript for IE / iPad
  • Fixed 05 known issues at previous version
  • Fixed CSS incompatibilities issues
  • Improvement of back-end GUI interface for easy and faster navigation.


  •  Ioncube loader 4.1.x (or higher) and Php 5.2.x (or higher) is required to run this application under your host server. 


  • The new product is now available under your client area to download. Before running upgrade, please visit to make sure you follow the mentioned steps carefully.

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