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Version - 2.8.1

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Last updated: 17 May, 2012
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Upgrade Notes

Backup before upgrading 

Remember to backup your data before performing an upgrade.

Check for template updates

You will need to check for templates which need reverting.

Change Log


  • Automated access privilege with a new look to gallery and News modules.

New features

  • Manage and automate members access privilege in additional to user role management.
  • Dynamic Management Country, State and City / Area.
  • Update of TinyMCE and jQuery versions.
  • Security is more optimized.
  • Email template are added for customization.

Feature Improvements

  • Update and improvement of Image gallery modules.
  • Update and improvement of Image news modules.
  • Re-structuring of Menu managed and making us simpler then before
  • Graphically enhancement of both font-end and backend.
  • Updates and modification of News letter.


  • Fixed known bugs.
  • Updates of jQuery JavaScript Library
  • Cross Brower compatibilities
  • JS and CSS compressor updates, library cleanup

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