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Version - 2.8.3

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Last updated: 25 Oct, 2012
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We are proud to announce that the latest version of  2.8.3 is now available. We have added some billing and invoicing features and improved existing ones.

New modules and features

New Features

  • Six (06) more new payment gateways are added.
  • Invoice module is re-written and upgraded.
  • Adding abilities to set / managed service charges, booking fees and down payments.
  • New and billing system is added based on user’s role policy.
  • Shopping cart based booking system integrated with 08 payment gateways.
  • 03 New languages are added (Through Google translation).

HTML editor

  • Restricting remote php file inclusion vulnerabilities.
  • Upgrade TinyMCE editor.

Security improvement

  • Remote file inclusion vulnerability protections. 
  • Advance user role policy and easy interface to manage user group.
  • Added CAPTCHA on contact us page.
  • Securing and hardening Session and temp directory for vulnerabilities.


  • Fixed 01 issue with Javascript for IE
  • Fixed IE compatibilities issue on header part of a page


  •  Ioncube loader and Php 5.2.x (or higher) is required to run this application under your host server. 


  • The new product is now available under your client area to download. Please BE AWARE, before running upgrade, you must rename or change directory of existing template (if you customized already) otherwise all files may get overridden and you will lose all previous changes.

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