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Change Log of - 2.9.1

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Last updated: 07 Jul, 2013
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We are proud to announce that the latest version of  2.9.1 is now available. We have added some billing and invoicing features and improved existing ones.

What's New ? 

New Features

  • Adding options to create custom Quotation and email to customer(s) .
  • CSV import of date subscribed through dynamic forms.
  • Adding new concept of uploading Image and files uploading through drag and drop process.
  • Global Image water marking with optimum security.
  • Complete Html5 design with customizable header and footer by normalizing the layout.
  • Almost Tableless design (90% to 95%) with DIV maintaining highest level of elasticity to feed up most of the devises.
  • Introducing “Template Manager” to manage template files through admin area.
  • Introduce a template friendly design layout for developers to manage themes efficiently.

What's Changes ? 


  • Enhanced protection of file inclusion vulnerability adding security layers.
  • Simplifying better menu and sub-menu navigation.
  • Re-design and secure file uploading system.
  • Re-structuring developer’s friendly file and directory hierarchy for.
  • Upgrade JQuery and JUI and introduce new javascript library e.g kendoui , jqwidgets etc.
  • Optimize the framework to scale up the overall performance and speed of entire application.


  • Fixed 03 issues with Javascript for IE / iPad
  • Fixed 04 known issues at previous version
  • Fixed CSS incompatibilities issues nn various internet devices.
  • Improvement of back-end GUI interface for easy and faster navigation.


  •  Ioncube loader 4.1.x (or higher) and Php 5.2.x (or higher) is required to run this application under your host server. 

How to Upgrade  ?

  • The new product is now available under your client area to download. Before running upgrade, please visit to make sure you follow the mentioned steps carefully.
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