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Manage and Update Contact us page

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Last updated: 18 Aug, 2011
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The Default contact us page is divided into two parts. There are :

01. Contact information in text mode.

02. Contact over feedback form.

Let us explain how you can manage “Contact Us” page efficiently just by few clicks.

Contact Us in Text mode :

Sometime people are interested in publishing contact information in clear text mode for better identification of address and visibilities. Therefore click on the Admin => Quick Nav => Update Contact and you will reach the following page :

01 - General Information   : -  According to the image shows above, the WYSIWYG Text and HTML Editor loads up allowing you to update contact information and save

02 - Meta Information : - The META element provides metadata of contact page's keywords, description, and title. Any number of META elements may be contained in the HEAD of a document. A lot of webmasters have used tags for spamming, like repeating keywords (or using wrong keywords) for higher ranking. Therefore, most search engines have stopped using tags to index/rank pages.

03 - Ini File Configuration  : - Ini File Configuration is a handy configuration option for webmasters to manipulate dynamic feedback form's elements. Therefore using this ini you can Add , edit , delete and mark mandatory or manage the input fields according to your requirements.

For example, if you want to drop "Company Name" fields and add  "Date of Birth" and "Registration Number" then "Ini File Configuration" is the one and only option you.

Dynamic Contact Forms :

To update dynamic contact us form Click on  Admin => Setup => Templates Editor  and go to Modules tab => Contact => Views => Scripts => View => form.phtml  to edit as follows :

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